About Gulchathaii

nickname is Gulchathaii (my aunt gave me this nickname years ago)
17 years old.
born in Aлматы in south eastern Kazakhstan to a big and loud family.
also of israeli descent
loves singing, dancing, baking, cooking, sewing, travelling, make up, hair, geography.
loves languages. is fluent in Russian (national language in kazakhstan), English and German and French. 
learned Spanish about 2 years ago but quit. 
has started to learn Hebrew some months ago and adores it. 
knows a little bit of Greek, Kazakh, Italian and Farsi.
adores baking and cooking.

Some random questions ...

Favorite food? - honey. fruits. rice. yogurt.

Favorite season? - summer.

Favorite flower? - orange tulips.

Do you wear contacts? - yes.

Favorite weather? - heat mixed with wind.

What's your favorite color? - light orange, coral pink and turquoise.

What would your dream house be like? - very small, cute, sunny and comfortable. No TV. 

Movie you can watch over and over? - Veer & Zaara, Anna and the King

What is/was your best subject in school? - English, French, Geography

Are you a morning person? - YES ♥

Do you read the Bible? - yes I do n love it!

Place you want to travel right now? - Aлматы/Kazakhstan or Tel Aviv/Israel or Cairns/Australia.