It's Chai Time ~ Баурсаки

One of the best things kazakh people eat. So far there was not even one person who didn't like Баурсаки. There is no 'real recipe' for Баурсаки, I think because every kazakh person bakes it the way he/she likes, but I'm going to write down my version, though it changes every time. 

2 cups warm milk
about 2-3 tabsp sugar (or more if desired)
7gm dry yeast
about 300-400gm flour
oil for frying

Combine milk, salt, sugar and yeast. Wait until the yeast starts to come up, then add flour while stiring. Add more flour, if needed. It should have a soft but not sticky texture. Let rise for about 45 - 60 mins in a warm place. Heat the oil. Form small balls and fry them. 

After frying I normally add icing sugar or melted honey.

 I hope you liked it :)

Keep smiling