Sweet As Honey

I took some pictures of 3 sorts of honey that I got yesterday and which I'm totally in love with. Actually, I read that the origin of the word 'honey' comes from aramaic or something and means 'enchanting'. And to be honest, it is enchanting. Honey can be used for almost everything, e.g. cakes, chai or sweets like baklava or chakchak (чакчак). Especially honey soaked cakes are amazingly delicious and sweet. Maybe I'm going to post something about that sooner. 

 White creamy honey

 Light brown solid honey

Dark liquid honey

Even though every sort of honey is absolutely amazing, I still have my favorite ones *.* I have to admit that the white creamy honey has the best consistency and the absolute best smell ever! But still the liquid honey is my favorite one forever. 
Well, that was a bit of my everyday life, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Feel free to comment, I appreciate that!