Homemade Raspberry Pineapple Lassi ♥

Lassi originally comes from India and currently it's one of my favorite things to drink. I admit that lassi from a supermarket is yummi too but it contains chemical stuff, so I decided to make lassi at home.

Therefore I used...

about 1/2 cup plain yogurt
juice of 1/3 cup raspberries
3-4 tabsp fresh pineapple juice

Combine everything. Let cool in the fridge. 

I think mashed bananas or orange juice would be great too. There are so many ways to create a delicious cup of lassi *_*

Lassi to go :)

So my first homemade lassi was pink Hehe. What about a blueberry lassi? Or a lemon lassi? I love the thought of colorful lassis, definitely going to try out more of them!

I hope you liked it :)