Grape Pudding

As long as I can remember I've been loving fresh grape juice during my whole childhood. There was even a time when I used to drink it all day long because of my grandpa. He was the one who taught me how drink grape juice almost everyday, and I still love it. And since I like to make pudding (with milk, coconut milk or juice) I decided to try grape pudding.

I already tried it and it's one of the most delicious things I've ever made. It's sweet and fruity, I love grapes, probably this is one of my favorite puddings now. 

Grape Pudding

500ml fresh grape juice
3 tabsp corn starch
3 tabsp sugar

Mix corn starch and sugar in a small bowl and add about 5 tabsp grape juice, whisk very well until smooth. Heat the rest of the juice in a pot and bring the juice to the boil. Remove from heat and whisk in the corn starch mixture, make sure that you whisk all the time during cooking. Bring back to heat and let boil again, until the pudding is thick and smooth. Remove from heat and fill the pudding into bowls or cups or whatever you like to have your pudding in. Let cool a few hours or over night. Enjoy :)

Optional: Take some grapes and add them to the pudding before you fill it into the bowls. Or use grapes cut in small pieces, I prefer whole grapes not the cut ones. 

The color or the pudding is really beautiful, I love the mix of transparent, red and pink. Can't wait to have it for breakfast tomorrow, definitely going to make it again very soon.

That's it for today, thank you for reading :)