Apricot Pudding ♥

This time I went for apricot pudding. I absolutely love every pudding... milk pudding, grape pudding, smoothie pudding and so on. Pudding is just amazing, it can be used for so many things like sweet desserts or a cute cake filling.  

 Apricot Pudding

1000ml apricot juice
7 tabsp corn starch
(optional: sugar. I was not using sugar)

Mix cornstarch with some tablespoons of juice and whisk until light and creamy. Put the rest of the juice into a pan and bring to boil while stiring continuously. Remove from heat and whisk in the corn starch mixture. Bring back to heat and bring to boil again while whisking. When the pudding is thick, pour into some bowls or cups, as desired and let cool. Enjoy :)