It's Chai Time ~ Chocolate Layered Cake

Maybe you have noticed that I havn't been blogging for the last few days or weeks. Now I'm back with a simple chocolate layered cake which is a very popular cake in Kazakhstan. 
I bought the layers in an asian supermarket for not much money, they are not expensive, just some simple chocolate layers. Also I was using сметана instead of whipping cream or heavy cream, it gives the cake the taste, just amazingly delicious.

Chocolate Layered Cake

5 chocolate layers (about 12inches x 5inches)
800-1000gm сметана
about 150gm sugar
chocolate for sprinkling

Mix сметана and sugar well. Take a chocolate layer, cover with some cream mixture (about 3 - 4 tabsp). Place another layer onto the cream mixture, cover with cream mixture again and go on until the layers and the cream mixture is used up. Sprinkle with chocolate or cocoa powder or anything else and let sit in the fridge for a few hours or one night. 

One of my favorite cakes ever. Very easy, simple but still absolutely delicious. Everyone liked it. 
Thanks for reading :)