Baby Shower Cupcakes

Okay so one of my teachers is pregnant (I mean she was pregnant, I don't know if she already gave birth...) and my classmates decided to have a cute little baby shower during our last two lessons. First I wanted to bake pink cupcakes for a girl or blue cupcakes for a boy, but she didn't tell us... Anyways I decided to bake normal chocolate cupcakes with teddybear cookies on them. Everyone liked them. I was using my simple chocolate cupcake recipe.

I did not have that much cookies so for some cupcakes I used grated coconut and cute hearts Hehe. The cupcakes were very fluffy but also moist at the same time. This time I added more sugar cause the last time I baked them a friend told me that they are not sweet enough and this time I wanted to make sure that everyone likes them.