Grape Pudding With Curd Cheese Topping

After I havn't been blogging for a few weeks now, I'm back with a delicious pudding recipe. Actually I already have a post about simple grape pudding but this time I added my favorite topping (or frosting), it's a curd cheese topping. You really have to give this recipe a try, as this is one of the easiest but one of the most delicious recipes as well.

I used my original grape pudding recipe but this time I tripled the ingredients cause I needed more servings.

Curd Cheese Topping

500gm curd cheese
1 tsp corn starch, sieved
sugar, as much as desired

Beat everything together until smooth and the sugar is incorporated. Place on top of the pudding and let cool in fridge for a few hours. 
Optional: Decorate with some small grapes or chopped almonds.

Thanks for reading